Logistics & Repair

Artaflex offers scalable supply chain management services to its customers, including agile sourcing and flexible supply networks supporting customizable customer-designed supply chains. Artaflex has resources dedicated to ensuring a proactive supply chain environment, supported by best-in-class processes and IT tools. Customers and suppliers are linked to Artaflex on a real-time basis through a Syspro™ ERP with Kinaxis™ RapidResponse overlay and a direct HTML portal access to our MRP system, allowing us to monitor and simulate supply constraint scenarios to meet customer and market commitments.

Order fulfillment and distribution is supported by ship direct capabilities at Artaflex manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States and Israel, and enhanced by our finished goods inventory depot. Warehousing and global logistics services are also available to Artaflex customers, including inventory transition and material management solutions.

Our logistics & repair services are enhanced by a closed loop feedback on assembly and customer service across our global enterprise, allowing us to take complete ownership of aftermarket responsibilities and provide the best possible customer service through our call center. Warranty and repair services are also available, at Artaflex and through our partnered manufacturing facilities.

Artaflex Inc.

Artaflex is an Integrated Electronics Contract Manufacturer serving high–mix and high-complexity Original Equipment Manufacturers. We offer expert Engineering services, supply chain management, PCB Assembly, and Final Integration capabilities to our customers, enabling the delivery of high quality products in a time frame that meets today’s ever shortening delivery cycles.

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