In today’s world an increasing number of medical devices rely on advanced software and integrated circuitry. With Artaflex as their medical EMS partner, our customers receive the benefit of reduced costs and expedited time to market, allowing them to concentrate on their core in-house research and engineering functions. Artaflex also has the experience and certifications to ensure medical products are manufactured with an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability, in addition to meeting unique patient safety requirements.

Our portfolio of Medical product experience includes:

  • Class II medical systems
  • Class IV lasers & medical laser systems
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices
  • Medical sterilization equipment
  • Medical optical tracking devices
  • Diode assembly


  • FDA registered document control
  • ISO 13485
  • CE/CSA registered
  • GMP/QSR compliant
Artaflex Inc.

Artaflex is an Integrated Electronics Contract Manufacturer serving high–mix and high-complexity Original Equipment Manufacturers. We offer expert Engineering services, supply chain management, PCB Assembly, and Final Integration capabilities to our customers, enabling the delivery of high quality products in a time frame that meets today’s ever shortening delivery cycles.

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