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Part Number: AW24TH-SR
Connection: SMT
Transmit Power: 24dBm (263mW)
Current Transmitting: 220mA
Current Receiving: 24mA, 33mA
Sleep Current: 0.5uA
Size (mm): 18mm x 38mm
Range: LOS 60KM +

Data Sheet:

FCC Documents:


The Artaflex Zigbee module is based on Texas Instruments 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 RF transceiver, providing a cost- effective solution for data links and wireless networks. The module design supports peer-to-peer, star, and mesh networking, enhanced range performance, and the highest RF power available on any Zigbee product in the market; providing the lowest cost, best in class performance, in a compact form factor. FCC, IC, and CE certified.

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1- Artaflex Simple Network Implementation
2- TIMAC Implementation
3- TI Simplicity Implementation
4- Zigbee Pro Implementation