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Wireless Support

Frequently Asked Questions

View the answers to some of our FAQs & get support for your wireless products.

How do I buy Artaflex Wireless Modules?

Artaflex has a sales channel around the world including a complement of representatives and distributors in over 50 countries across 5 continents. Artaflex’s distributors connect the world to Artaflex products. Visit our wireless sales page or contact us for more information.

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How can I request software for artaflex modules?

Fill out the software request form below to request your software, and be sure to include your part number and contact info.

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In what countries can these modules be used?

Since the modules are based on a 2.4GHz frequency in the ISM (industrial, scientific ad medical) band then countries like Canada, USA, and Europe all have authority to use this band. Most countries have a number of license-free frequency bands. Products operating in these license-free bands do not require end users to obtain a license. However, such products must still conform to performance standards required by the country of operation, and it is the responsibility of the product manufacturer to ensure that such standards are met. Compliance is usually confirmed by testing in a government certified lab that provides a third party test report that governments then accept.

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Are the modules backwards compatible?

The Print Antenna module (AWP24S) can be easily upgraded to the SMA Module (AWS24S). The Power Amplifier modules (AWA24S) have the added feature of controlling the power output of the external amplifier so the design is slightly modified. Please refer to our individual product pages for differences in compatibility, or contact us for more information.

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Are the Modules RoHS compliant?

Yes all modules will be offered in lead free packages.

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Can Artaflex products operate on batteries?

Yes, the modules will work in many battery powered designs. Transmitting power consumption for non amplified modules is between 21 and 35 milli amps. Amplified modules are also designed for low power when transmitting and when idle. In addition to already operating at low power during maximum gain, Artaflex has designed its amplified modules to give the designer control over the gain supplied by the amplifier. In this way the the designer can maximize the power savings in the design while still providing adequate performance. If you have a low power requirement that also needs superior range please contact us to see how our products can help.

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How do I know if the Artaflex product will work in my application environment? Can I evaluate the modules somehow?

Understanding if a wireless system will function adequately in a given environment is difficult. To make it easier Artaflex has developed evaluation kits by combining Cypress demonstration boards with Artaflex modules, adapter boards and downloadable programmable hex files. Using this tool, customers can transmit packets back and forth between two development boards using Artaflex modules for a quick evaluation in their application environment. Customers can also change transmission channels, set transmission power levels, and also see signal strength and noise levels. The first will be a downloadable hex file that will allow the customer to use two Cypress evaluation boards (equipped with Artaflex modules) as hyper-terminals via the RS232 ports on each evaluation card. This way the customer can key in their own messages on one computer and verify they are being transmitted properly through to a second computer. The second is an evaluation tool for the AWP24U USB Dongle. Shortly a GUI will be released that will let customers transmit from an Artaflex module to the USB Dongle with the message being displayed on a computer.

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What kind of distances can I expect to achieve with the Artaflex modules?

This is a good question to ask and is a little bit difficult to answer because wireless performance depends upon the environment in which it is used. As a general rule, the distances for each module when used outdoors in line of sight (LOS) is 50m to 1Km. View our individual product pages for product specific range information or contact us directly.

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Can modules be used for point-to-point / multipoint-to-point connectivity? Is software available to help me complete my design faster?

Artaflex Wireless Modules are capable of 1 to 1, many to 1, or even mesh networking schemes. Generally the customer designs the network firmware that will control the Artaflex transceiver modules. In order to speed customer design time, Artaflex has sample development code in C language that the customer can use as a base for their design. The sample code covers basic communication between the various Artaflex modules. Requests for the sample development code can me made by contacting us directly. In order for sample code to be delivered, contact, project, and application information will need to be provided by the customer.

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Software Request

Fill out the form below to request software for your artaflex modules.

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