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Wireless Products

Wireless Products

Providing high-quality wireless modules for all types of electronics and communications systems.

Our wireless products serve many different applications including industrial automation, lighting, medical devices, energy purposes, instrumentation and remote monitoring. We feature a range of products, from standard RF modules to our own renowned Falcon series, capable of providing one-to-one, many-to-one and mesh networking. Need a wireless module for your organization? Artaflex provides evaluation kits to help customers decide which module will best suit their application environment.

Wireless Modules & Products - Artaflex EMS
How to Buy

Our distributors connect the world to Artaflex’s best-in-class wireless products.

Wireless Modules & Products - Artaflex EMS

Industry leading performance means problem-free communication.

Wireless Modules & Products - Artaflex EMS

Visit our support centre to learn more about & get help with our wireless modules.

Wireless Services

Our wireless RF service offerings.

Custom Design

Artaflex is an experienced designer of wireless RF products & developer of wireless solutions for engineering applications. We work with clients from concept to final product, and everywhere in-between; whether you need a semi-custom product that draws from our existing technology or a fully custom design. Our design team is highly skilled and educated, employing high standards of testing and verification, and making use of popularly used technologies like Bluetooth and ZigBee.

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Custom Wireless Design
Custom Wireless Development
Custom Development

In addition to certified modules, Artaflex provides solutions for companies to confidently outsource the design of their wireless systems. Antenna design, receiver and transmitter, firmware and software wireless protocol, in addition to agency certification. We welcome any additional questions, and should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wireless Applications

Our modules are designed with many applications in mind.

Wireless Lighting

Automate and monitor any lighting system.

Wireless Automation
Industrial Automation

Set up consistent and predictable processes.

Medical EMS

Improve communication in any healthcare organization.

Wireless Energy Applications

Use energy in smarter, less costly ways.

Wireless Instrumentation

Easily manage equipment and spaces.

Wireless Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Gain instant access to crucial information.

Wireless Home Automation
Home Automation

Live in a home that works while you rest.

Automotive EMS

Build cars faster, and maintain them more easily.

Wireless Security

Keep homes, businesses, and people safe.

Wireless Education Applications

Provide remote communities with access to information.

Wireless Partners

We work alongside industry leaders.

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NXP Semiconductors
Microchip Technology
Texas Instruments
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