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Total EMS Outsourcing Solutions

We offer flexible and scalable EMS to provide integrated product solutions & support for the global technology and electronics industries. With a vertically integrated approach to electronic design, Artaflex provides our customers with full-service, tailored solutions for their business needs.

By providing integrated services to diverse & focused markets, on top of our Customer Focus Teams (CFT) to manage the commercial and tactical “day-to-day” aspects of the relationship, Artaflex remains an industry leader in ensuring effective communication throughout all projects.

Quality. Speed. Flexibility.

We offer a wide array of EMS services designed to produce high quality products, each of them supported by our expertise in engineering, and our connection to Asian manufacturers. Through a combination of quality, speed, and flexibility, we bring your products to market in time to meet today’s ever-tighter delivery schedules. Please browse through our comprehensive list of services to see how we help take customers to market faster in today’s competitive markets.

Experience In Complex Design

The Artaflex Electronic Design Services Division provides a solution for companies to confidently outsource the design of their embedded system electronics, PCB layout, enclosures and software. Taking advantage of Subject Matter Experts and best practices across our global network of in-house and partner facilities, Artaflex is able to offer comprehensive design verification services for new designs and product revisions.

Learn more about the <a href=””>markets</a> we serve, and visit our <a href=””>manufacturing</a> and <a href=”” pages for more in-depth information about our capabilities. You can also contact us directly with any specific questions you may have.

About Artaflex

Artaflex is an Integrated Electronics Contract Manufacturer serving high–mix and high-complexity Original Equipment Manufacturers. Artaflex is a market leader in customer service and operational excellence. Our customer-focused teams provide our clients a virtual extension of their own operations department through expertise in supply chain management, manufacturing and engineering. Artaflex is focused on total cost of ownership through the execution of its value proposition. To learn more about what we offer, contact us directly to speak with someone from our team.

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